The TabLab was founded by Eric Ramon, who taught himself long division at the age of 6 so he could track Yankee batting averages. At Antioch College (Yellow Springs, Ohio) in the 70s, a course in topology cured him of any desire for a career in spatial mathematics.

After six years of apprenticeship (two years at ASI in L.A., four years at Pine Company in S.F.), The TabLab opened for business in San Francisco in 1986. Following the 1989 earthquake they loaded up the truck and moved to Portland, where they’ve been ever since. Eric spent a year (1995) as Communications Director of the Oregon chapter of the American Marketing Association. His favorite activities include golfing and bicycling to work. Cynthia Ramon (Art Center College of Design in Pasadena), runs marketing, accounting and graphics. She enjoys two of those.


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